Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Food Trucks

There is a lot of buzz about food trucks nowadays.  The restaurants hate them, because they offer inexpensive quality home-style food cooked to order.  OK, some of their wares are unhealthy, but they seem a good alternative to sit downs.  The portions are smaller too.  In Mexico, street vendors lack refrigeration, and thus are forced to use fresh ingredients.  You can buy fruit cups, tacos, and all sorts of things.

There are restrictions i the U.S. on parking and selling food.  Are they there for health reasons, or do the restaurants pay the city council to make things hard for the competition?

The other thing you see in Mexico is shacks.  Among then, every 10th shack will have a window and a little store.  Think about it, during the latest recession unemployment got near 10%.   What if every tenth person sold food to his neighbors?  or made food to sell out of a cooler on the street or in the bus?  Whey then, chunk chunk, lets do the math, 10 - 10 = 0, we'd have no unemployment.

What is so wrong about neighbors selling food to each other?  Vested interests try and prevent people from doing a little business and supporting themselves because they don't want competition.

Street food is cheap and often the best chow in town.

Let's eat.


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