Saturday, September 14, 2013

Corporate Food

It's all about money.  Big oil, big ag, big fast food, big business.  That's why our food is artificial and our school lunches unhealthy.

I was reading in the New Yorker that environmentalists are disappointed that Obama wont come out against the pipeline.  That's not the only issue he's weak on, here are ten issues that he has not taken a stand on.  What is the bully pulpit for if you don't use it?

1) he supports foreign wars
2) supports foreign military bases
3) supports drug war and mass incarceration of harmless people
4) supports bailouts for banks and auto companies
5) supports coal, oil and nuclear industry over solar and wind
6) supports ethanol
7) supports agribusiness
8) supports arresting and killing whistleblowers
9) supported gay rights only weakly, and only after "evolving"
10) supports big fences on the border
12) supports the IRS
13) supports corporate welfare

At least Michelle speaks out about food and health.

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